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Cyber Space Events

The most effective way to network, inform, collaborate, and train.

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Online Networking

Host or participate in your next networking event online. No longer do you have to drive for hours and waste gas only to arrive at a meeting with just a few people you already met. Our online networking opens the world of networking to you while you sit in front of the computer.


Webinars are a quick and efficient way to get your message across. For training, product launches, or just about any other reason you want, our webinars will help you get your message out to either small or large numbers of people.

Web Conferencing

Whether it's for business or just for personal use, our web conferencing allows you meet with up to 12 people with both video and audio streaming. It's like sitting in a room with them. But with online meeting rooms, everyone in the meeting can share images, videos, or just about any other file.

Meeting Rooms

Now you can have your own meeting room to chat with employees, sales prospects, or friends. Use it to meet with prospects you met at one of online networking events. And like our web conferences, you can share files and guide them is completing the sales process.

Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events

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Monday To Saturday 9AM To 6PM