Face-to-Face Networking Doesn’t Work as Well Anymore

There are 3 reasons for this:  Travel costs, time constraints, and low attendance.

Travel Costs:  It seems like the cost of gasoline just keeps rising.  And we can’t forget about the wear an tear on the car with every mile.  Which means more networkers are staying closer to home.

Time Constraints: Face it, challenging times require us to make the absolute best use of every hour.

Low Attendance: The above two reasons lead to the third – low attendance.  And soon this low attendance becomes a reason by itself.

And as an event organizer, it’s your responsibility to find a venue, advertise the event, and get sponsors.  Well, we just made that a whole lot simpler.

The Alternative Is Online Networking

Instead of a physical meeting room, you can now have a virtual meeting room. You, your attendees, and your sponsors can now hold a successful networking event, sitting behind computers — from home, or the office, or just about anywhere.
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